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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warna Inspirasiku

Apa warna U?? KLIK la

Colours of Inspiration

Terms & Conditions

1. Be a follower of my blog first. - DONE

2. Write an entry/blog post about the colour(s) that inspire you the most. The colour(s) may have inspired you through your fashion sense, your view of life, your belongings, particularly anything! 

Kenapa ai suke PINK? P I N K? Merah Jambu?
Sebab PINK leh menenagkan hati serta jiwa raga dan buleh buat ai HAPPI serta KETAWA...tak percaya? jom keluar ngan akan menjerit tanpa sebab bila nampak warna PINK...kalo di tambah ngan imej HELLO KITTY...lagi ai jadik  BIOL sekejap...hahahhahahaha....

First : Most of my bajubajuan is PINK

2nd : My ROOM is PINK!

3rd : My Car is PINK termasuk dalamnya

4th : My E-Day nyer tema pun PINK!


5th : My W-Day tema pun PINK! >> KLIK HeRE for details

6th : My Fiance/Future Hubby also a PINK Lover! (kureng skit dari ai je..kami jatuh cinta pon ada la sikit3 pasal PINK nih)

7th : Barang2 atas meja opis kebanyakkannyer PINK!

8th : BLOG ai warna PINK...hehehehheeh KLIK...KLIK

dan....sebab lain? tak de sebab lain melainkan PINKPINK belaka semuanya...PINKRAZY! hehehehhehe

last but not LEAST ..semoga anda semua KERACUNAN Pink akan biarkan hidup u diselebungi MIMPI PINK...muahahahhahahaha

3. The title of the entry must be "Colours of Inspiration" or "Warna Inspirasiku". You may use English or Malay or even both. Write as long as you want, but mind you, it has to be more than 50 words. - okkay

4. Be the most creative you can!! You may put pictures, use coloured fonts etc. It's all up to you! - okkay

5. Please insert the contest banner in your entry. Link the banner back to this blog post of mine. - okkay

6. After doing all of the above, give a link of your blog post in the comment section below.- okkay

7. Spread the word! Invite friends to join the contest as well, as there are a lot of prizes to be won!!- okkay

8. This contest is going on for 1 month, from 19th January - 19th February 2011. Any change of date will be informed. (date has been extended to 19th Feb)


Only for illustration..the real frame does not look like this, ok?
1st prize: Handcrafted Photo frame

2nd prize: Hello Kitty keychain

3rd prize: Hello Kitty handphone strap

4th prize: Korean keychain

Sorry for the blurred image..
  * 2x Mystery winner prize: fridge magnets


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